Academic Coaching vs. Tutoring


Academic Coaching

- Long term focus on developing core academic skills.

- Skills can be applied across all subject areas and used throughout their academic career.

- Weekly sessions reinforce their skills by providing the opportunity for the student to incorporate the skill into their regular school-work and receive regular feedback from the coach.

- Weely monitoring creates routine and structure.

- Coach provides motivation, discipline and builds confidence.

Academic Coaching is most appropriate when:

  • - Student is underachieving
  • - Student is struggling across subject areas
  • - Student is dependent on their natural abilities to suceed
  • - Declining results are effecting the student's confidence and effort


- Short term focus on re-teaching content.

- Does not address the reasons why a student is struggling with content.

- Places responsibility for learning on the teacher and the the tutor, instead of the student.

- On-going tutoring can create a dependency if the student prefers to be taught one-on-one instead of in a classroom setting. Tutoring can become a substitute for learning in the classroom.

Tutoring is most appropriate when:

  • - Goals are short term and specific (eg. one coarse, a specific exam)
  • - Catching up on missed content
  • - Going back to improve basic math skills