"Success isn't something that just happens - success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared."

Sparky Anderson

All students have the ability to reach their potential . . .


The philosophy of StudySpot is simple:  Good students possess certain skills that allow them to reach their potential and manage school more effectively.  Unfortunately, these skills are rarely taught directly in school, and many students have trouble acquiring them on their own.  Our coaches understand these skills and effectively communicate them to our students through a positive and supportive relationship. 

Since 1999, StudySpot has provided Academic Coaching support to late elementary, high school and university students in Toronto.  Although coaching is standard practice in most areas of human achievement, most notably in athletics, it has been relatively ignored in academics.  At StudySpot, the goal is to equip students with the tools they require to be effective students overall and to provide them with the opportunity for improvement that will last throughout their school lives.

Academic Coaching

Our coaches focus on the process of learning as opposed to re-teaching content.  Skills such as organization and time management, reading comprehension and note-taking, writing, and study and exam-taking strategies are typical areas of focus as they prepare the student for the future challenge of university. Larger themes of planning, motivation and mindset run throughout each session.

Our coaches have strong academic backgrounds and experience working with and motivating teenagers. These skills allow them to build a meaningful relationship with their students - the key to any successful academic intervention.


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